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Dairy Management System

Dairy Management software is a Desktop As Well As Android application serving a vital role in day to day tasks in dairies. Like Daily Milk Collection, Rate chart Settings, Payments, Genrate Report.

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Desktop Application

Desktop application provide the facility of daily dairy tasks in dairies. It includes following details: Daily milk receipt twice a day 1. Morning 2. evening with slip printing for farmer. Slips can be printed on Dot Matrix printer or Laser Jet printer. Sales of milk to big dairy in towns. Sales of cattle feed and other articles to farmers and others on credit & cash.

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Android Application

Android application is user friendly app provides daily activities of dairy system. This application includes daily collection of milk. Add Rate Chart dynamically and calculate amount of milk collection. Payment and reports also genrated in application by datewise

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Android Mobile Application

  • Dairy App 1
  • Dairy App 2
  • Dairy App 3
  • Dairy App 4
  • Dairy App 5
  • Dairy App 6
  • Dairy App 7
  • Dairy App 8

Why Choose Us?

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What People say's?

  • Its a very great experience to use dairy application. Dairy Management System Application is best app which make my everyday dairy work very easy. Its an user friendly app anyone can use it easily. Its a great and smooth experience to use Dairy Management System Application.

    Sangam Darade - Customer
  • The dairy application is great application.It makes my daily work easy.It save my time and the best thing about the app feature in it generate the payment as well as collection report also.Its nice application for daily milk collection.

    Krishnaraj Pawar - Customer